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oblong gold top ring

gold top bangle

latinatis necklace

concaved shape horn curved ring

eagle claw wallet chain

vintage intaglio bracelet... { インタリオのブレスレット }

moleskine diary small... { モレスキンのメモ帳ケース }

vintage 3 pence coin necklace

antique charm necklace

more ladies jewellery..

chram rings

rose necklace

quill necklace

vintage bottle tag bracelet

end of a holiday...

teddy bears...

vintage clothes

london moon!

back to london

isle of wight 3

isle of wight 1 { ワイト島の・・・ヨットレース! }

end of wedding exhibition...

antique fair!

spoon ring & bracelet

rose ring

cameos and intaglios...

my antique online shop!

extra large rose ring

stone earrings

antique key necklace